Why I Hate Jira & How To Overcome It | Creating New Jira Project

Today I want to start a new Jira setup and administration series. You probably saw my LinkedIn post reflecting on how it has been going for me…

I hate Jira LinkedIn post

Not the best time of my life. But let’s start from the beginning — what is JIRA?

What is Jira?

Jira is a task tracking tool developed by Atlassian. It is intended to help teams manage their work. And it is extremely complicated to setup anything in it.

I will be learning to set up new projects, with new boards, roadmaps, default and custom issue types, using different workflows, and so on. And it is not an easy task. Jira is no one’s beloved tool unlike Miro, see the image below, and whoever tries to set something up there understands that perfectly.

Tinder Retrospective as created in Miro and shared by Chris Stone

What’s the problem with Jira?

I recently started playing with Jira because the teams I work with outgrew its setup. I know the basics of Jira usage — setting up new boards, dashboards, filters, and the JQL Jira Query Language. But it is not enough to do something substantial, far from it.

Even though I needed to change simple things, e.g. add new issue types that were not default ones, I had to rely on the Jira community for that. Good point is that the Atlassian Community works well, they answer your questions in no time. Feels like a big waste of resources though — to have people answer your questions as opposed to having a well-designed tool.

Eventually, I managed to add a new issue type — a sub-bug — for the teams to use. The problem with Jira is that if you ask me how to do it again, I have no clue. Why? Because somehow Jira has duplicated settings which makes it insanely complicated to perform a simple task. There are project settings and general settings And even if you want to change something for your project only, you probably need to change it in general settings. It is very confusing. What’s more, they usually give you a tutorial for just 1/10th of what you need to do. You query “create a sub-bug” — they will have a tutorial for it, an issue type is created but no team can use it because it doesn’t have something like “issue type schemes” assigned — or who knows what that is?

Why I hate Jira cover photo

What’s the solution?

In fact, I am doing these videos for myself. So if I manage to actually create something that the teams can use I can go back to them after a month and still be able to do this highly complex task of creating a simple thing.

Creating a new project in JIRA

In the video below I take you step-by-step through the process of creating a new project on Jira.

Of course, the project will be empty and impossible to use for the teams but that’s the first step. My idea is to create separate projects for the products we have in the organization and keep them similar at the portfolio — Epic level. This way I facilitate the adoption of the tool among all the stakeholders who are not much familiar with Jira.

I want to use the Jira Roadmaps to align the whole organization. There is a lot of ways to display the roadmap — the Productboard, spreadsheet, digital whiteboard. I think they are fine to make drafts, brainstorming on what to do next. But having it all in one place is invaluable, it helps transparency, keeping it up-to-date and it is just seamless.

This is how I envisioned the Jira setup:

Jira setup

Let’s see how this journey goes. I hope you are getting some consolation that you are not alone on it and other people suffer in a similar way. Well, we can do this!



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