Why I Don’t Love OKRs

The question is not which framework to choose. The question is how do we succeed as a company? On Objectives, OKRs, NCTs — lessons from reinventing the company goal setting.

Innovation adoption curve

Fads and fairy tales

Why I don’t love OKRs

What are the OKRs?

OKRs conspiracy theory

Blow off some steam

Photo by Ashley Richards on Unsplash

A practical problem

The lack of context or an intent

The pros and cons of OKRs

How to make sure we provide enough context?

A narrative for success

A different goal-setting system

Narratives, Commitments, and Tasks (NCTs) framework
NCT example by TripAdvisor

Avoiding the certainty illusion

Now Next Later by Claudia Delgado



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Maria Chec

Agile Coach and Content Creator at Agile State of Mind and Head of Agile Practice in Fyllo