#6 Make Your Role Available For Someone Else by Tiago Oliveira, an Engineering Manager at OutSystems

How bees can help you multitask and deal with changes. The importance of performance review frameworks, war rooms, and making space for people to grow.

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Maria Chec interviews Tiago Oliveira

No masters in people management

At the beginning of June 2022, Tiago assisted at the Dev Lead Conference London. In the workshop that happened before the actual conference, he met many other managers and they realized they have similar problems.

Take yourself out of the equation

In order to be successful and advance in your career, your goal should be to make you not needed to perform your work. This means someone else can step up start doing new things and learn.

Pair-programming — the war room

There are different ways of doing pair programming and Tiago explains a few kinds of it:

  • the war room mob programming
  • the newcomer pair-programming
  • the casual sprint pair-programming
  • why it is more valuable to do a pair-programming than a code review.
Tiago Oliveira, Engineering Manager at Outsystems in an interview about his new role



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